Mission Statement

  • To assist our customers, clients, and country in achieving their clean energy goals no matter where that energy is needed
  • To design, build, and maintain simple cost effective trouble free solar power solutions
  • To forge ahead with new innovations and prototypes, staying on the cusp technological alternative energy science, while keeping our product and solutions simple without complexity
  • To provide award winning support and service and always be there for our customers and clients
  • To constantly build our team with the best in the industry, and foster new talent to stay a cut above and aspire to the top tier

To achieve these goals, we will strive to be the best. We will make business decisions which are good for our country, our investors, our community, and our customers as well as for our team. Decisions which are good both long and short term, which strengthen our growing network of customers, vendors, and team members, as well as our brand, which will help us achieve success and help the environment. Decisions which are fair for all concerned, always creating a WIN/WIN situation.

To achieve all objectives past, present and future, we will follow our core values. We intend to Win.

Vision Statement

  • To provide customers with quality products and expertise at a reasonable price
  • To stands out above the competition, to fix their mistakes and protect the status of solar energy
  • To own a business unlike others which fosters community goodwill and makes customers proud to be customers
  • To develop a situation whereby when people of our town think 'solar', they E-pwr
  • To use only environmentally sound solutions
  • To retain enough profit to insure a comfortable lifestyle for our team members while growing our company to meet demand and change the world

History - Story

As a contractor for over 55 years, Dan Courselle was always looking for better ways to build things. When solar power became more widely used, he realized the inefficiency in how solar panels, and solar water heaters were installed and designed, almost as an after-thought or add-on, rather than becoming an integral part of the building.

He noted that building a house and then bolting on structures to hold solar panels added weight to the roof which wasn't originally intended and created hardship for maintaining the panels. Not to mention dangerous to install. He also heard too many stories about solar panel installers damaging roofs, and the resulting challenges of increased workmen's compensation insurance rates. Something was amiss.

He thought to himself; "that's not right, why not integrate the entire system into the roof, save the weight, cost of materials, and time to build both the roof and the solar panel system," and he reasoned "It should be all one unit."

Over the years he thought about this and started doing sketches and trying out different ideas. Finally, after nearly 25 years in the making, he figured out the most efficient strategy and he spent the time, money and energy to patent his brilliant new concept. In the future he thought; "All solar panels, on all new construction will use this design." He was right. Engineers and architects, homeowners and solar specialists agree; Dan's concept makes sense for so many reason.

It's less expensive to build, no excess weight on the roof, and it's provides passive cooling to the solar panels extending their life. The roof of the home or building lasts longer than a normal roof, and the solar panels are much easier to maintain, as you don't even have to go on top of the roof to inspect or work on electrical components, it's already all inside where it is safe away from the elements and weather causing corrosion and failure of electrical parts.

As Mr. Courselle has been building these systems, he has come up with new innovations, such as allowing increasing the solar efficiency by allowing the pass through sun rays to reflect off the supporting channels where they can also be collected. More power for the same amount of space means a more efficient system. (See our patent)

Dan, is our resident inventor, and is one of the top solar innovators of our time. In fact, his mind is so sharp, and with his wide background of building things - he is constantly improving just about every type of solar solution in every category. With our team of electrical engineers and his building engineering background we are able to tackle almost any solar energy challenge. Below are some of our most recent simple solutions for job-sites and/or remote solar power.

We can bring E-power anywhere, anytime, day or night. All you have to do is tell us what you need and we will provide.

Invest With Us

Being a growing start-up must stay ahead of the cash flow curve in the beginning. We are willing to engage with investors. We are willing to offer 'founders stock' in our company to the right individual or company with the right fit. We have a vision and a mission, and a strong business plan and want to make sure any investors we bring on, are serious about the future of this company. We've poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into building this our company and the dream of a clean energy future. We have strategic goals and serious objectives to achieve, we want to win. There are customers out there who need us, who have projects and challenges, problems we can solve now. Our long-term goals are achievable, the market is calling, we want to take this all the way.

We have a few tiers of investments:

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3

If you are interested in being part of that, we'd welcome a meeting and see if it's a potential match.

Call Athena Power Solutions LLC at 805-479-3044 or email us to hear more about what we offer.